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Launched my Patreon Page by MIKECORRIERO
Head to: for Details! :)
Patreon Page Launched! by MIKECORRIERO
If you'd like to help support me and my work, check out my Patreon page where I'm creating Creatures, characters, Concept Designs & Tutorials!
I'll be providing some freebies for patrons only every now and then and you can choose between $2, $5, $10, $20, $35, $75 and $125 reward tiers. Ever bit helps and even $1 would be greatly appreciated. 
Patreon Month/Term 01 Rewards Completed by MIKECORRIERO
I've been struggling with a TMJ health issue and other issues for over 10 years now and medical bills continue to pile up on top of loans and I'm finding less and less time for personal work.
With your help, this is a way for me to continue doing what I love - for those who don't mind sharing this I would appreciate it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll either reply publicly or in private. 
Demons and Deities - Fungi by MIKECORRIERO
Demons and Deities life forms by MIKECORRIERODemons and Deities life forms 02 by MIKECORRIERODemons and Deities by MIKECORRIEROMammalia-lagothrix by MIKECORRIEROCreature bipeds and other thumbnail sketches by MIKECORRIEROGeomorphic Creature Anatomy by MIKECORRIERO
Bluffetter (Vaviaus percptus) by MIKECORRIERO
Pinetail (Cornococus pelepineus) by MIKECORRIERO

Any support would be appreciated, thanks. - 
Follow more of my work on Facebook here:… - my Website: my Twitter: my Instagram:


MIKECORRIERO's Profile Picture
Mike Corriero
United States
I'm a Freelance Concept artist & Illustrator
Current Residence: NJ, USA


Aranea Lepus (Spider Rabbit) Indigenous 01 by MIKECORRIERO
Aranea Lepus (Spider Rabbit) Indigenous 01

So here is the final for the indigenous species I was exploring
I was bouncing back and forth between this being a tribal race or a low intelligence "animal" species. Something that can perhaps respond/react in similar ways as our own pets (dogs/cats etc..) - a species capable of being domesticated, trained and tamed.
(If you'd like to help support me and my work and get some art rewards in return, you can check here: and choose a reward tier that fits your budget - any amount is appreciated)
This is an obvious mix of Jumping Spider and Bunny influence. Once again, trying to find a happy middle ground between the cute and creepy feel. :) 

Those whose tier levels include it will get the high res. .JPG and layered .PSD (I've included quite a bit of layers for this one as usual). I try to keep using as many layers as possible so you can turn them off/on from top to bottom...decreasing how the final product is built up and rendered further as it goes from a rough color sketch to the more refined end product.
Thanks SO MUCH for all of your
Support guys!!!
- Mike…

- Mike

Creature Art - Patreon Term-02 Rewards Review by MIKECORRIERO
Creature Art - Patreon Term-02 Rewards Review

So this covers what has been completed for Term 02 (Jan. 2016). I'll start posting previews and new content (Feb. 2016 - Term 03) - as an unplanned bonus I've recorded 2 time lapsed process videos that will go out as reward content for the Month of Jan. 2016 (Term 02) to Patrons at the $10 per month (Backstage Patron) tier level and higher. This is something I wasn't sure I'd be able to offer just yet, so it's not written in the reward packages and it will simply be a freebie. I'll be recording at least one Time Lapsed video for the month of Feb. 2016 (Term 03) as well.

(Rewards for Term 02 will be sent out via Patreon message from Feb. 1st-8th when all pledges have been processed by Patreon.) So please be patient and be sure to check your messages and if there are any issues, just message/e-mail me. I'll respond ASAP publicly or privately and try to correct any problems or answer any questions.
(Reward summary for Term 02) Jan. 2016

Content being delivered this term based on the tier/pledge you chose. Please double check your pledge amount, the pledge reward tiers and make sure you're pledge matches the reward tier you wish to receive.

Access to Patreon Creator Blog
First Access (Sketches/WIP) content (low res.)
Monthly One Page Article (Freelance & Business Advice/Art Tips)
.abr Brush file for Photoshop
High res. layered .PSD + .JPG files
PDF Workshop part 01 (4 pages) Includes .PSD files + brushes
PDF Workshop part 02 (6 pages) Includes .PSD files + brushes
PDF copy of Art Book: Planet to Planet - Creatures and Strange Worlds
Hard copy of Art Book: Planet to Planet (mailed to your address)
One Page Tips + Tutorials (one every 2 months)
Personal Critiques + Paint Overs/Mark Ups of your Work! (starts after payment has been processed and once I receive a piece of your work you wish to have critiqued)

Regarding the One Page Tutorials:
As mentioned in a prior status post, the Tutorials go out on a bi-monthly basis. The next Tutorial goes out with (Feb. 2016 Term 03) rewards for the tier/pledge levels that include it. This would include the $90 (Exclusive Patron) package and higher tier levels.
In addition to the Patron rewards, I've also sent out some Patron only free rewards and free rewards for the general public. You can access the attachments for the downloads of that free content in the creator's blog.

----- IMPORTANT ------
Please Remember: Rewards will be delivered [After Patreon processes Payment]. They are not attached or included in this post. They will likely go out between (Feb. 1st-8th 2016) This is just a recap of what was covered and what will be included.
If you have questions about the reward packages, payment or any other details, feel free to ask publicly or privately.
Monthly Reward content will only be available to Patrons and once that month has ended and Payment has been processed, that month's content will no longer be available to "new" patrons.
Any new patrons signing up after the month/term has ended can choose to purchase that content via my Gumroad store: which will be made available a few weeks or a month after each Term ends. So be sure to check there if you're a new patron and interested in prior monthly content.
Thanks SO MUCH for all of your
Support guys!!!
- Mike

Coronati - Crowned - Psychopomps by MIKECORRIERO
Coronati - Crowned - Psychopomps

Coronati Psychopomps
It took a while but I found the time to complete this last piece for this month. The Coronati Psychopomps or Crowned Psychopomps is a being/creature I had a lot of fun exploring. I've mentioned before that as I explore these creatures for my personal project, I'll be giving them names that will divide them up into certain categories.
While the word Psychopomps refers to a guide of souls to the place of the dead - the spiritual guide of a living person's soul. Which may include creatures, deities, spirits and even angels; these may not be confined to that specific definition.

Often Psychopomps are also depicted in certain forms of animals, most notably various types of birds IE; large masses or Crows, Sparrows and even Owls. So I wanted an extension of the cardiovascular arteries and veins to depict the vision of such an animal as if it's almost accompanying this being.

I'll be including the Time Lapsed process video of this painting for all $10 pledges and higher in addition to the rest of the rewards. This is going out as part of the January 2016 (Term 02) rewards which will be delivered via patreon message between Feb. 1st and Feb. 8th once all payments have been processed.

If you'd like to help support my work and become a patron just head to this link: and select a pledge amount that fits your budget - any support is greatly appreciated. 

Thanks SO MUCH for all of your
Support guys!!!
- Mike

BloodStone Psychopomps by MIKECORRIERO
BloodStone Psychopomps
BloodStone Psychopomps 
One of the many creatures/beings for "Demons and Deities" - a lot of which will have cultural influence in their garb/decals/decoration/trinkets etc. Patrons whose reward tier levels include it will receive the high res. .JPG, layered .PSD and recorded time lapsed process video. This will be included in the rewards that will go out between Feb. 1st and the 8th once Payment has been Processed. 
If you'd like to access rewards, help support me and my work, head and you can become my patron.
Thanks for your support guys,
- Mike
Psychopomps Blood Ghosts by MIKECORRIERO
Psychopomps Blood Ghosts

Hey everyone,
This is a page of exploratory rough color concepts for a sort of symbiotic relationship species. These were quite fun to just loosely "feel out" while I'm also developing a more refined head concept. 
It's not quite as symbiotic as it appears as it is actually more of a design for a creature that is capable of manipulating inanimate objects and matter to form a more functional body for itself.
Psychopomps: Blood Ghosts…-4128607
So these are some explorations for that - body variant, stage variants... color schemes etc. Patrons whose pledge tiers include it will receive high res. .JPG and layered .PSD's for these concepts at the end of the month once payment is processed for January 2016 (Term 02).


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I'm not one to ask for anything free so that may explain how hard I've been having it this past year and a half. Thanks in advance.
Mike -

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